Building Capacity for Study Abroad

2016 Capacity Building Grants

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Study abroad is a transformative experience that gives participants the skills and knowledge they need to solve global challenges; however some Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are unable to bring this opportunity to undergraduate students.
To further capacity building, the U.S. Study Abroad Branch awards grants for projects at U.S. institutions and funded a series of capacity building workshops for foreign institutions hosted by the Fulbright Commissions abroad.
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Past Capacity Building Grant Projects
In 2012, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs provided grants for higher education institutions to build capacity for study abroad programming. Click on the links below to see how past grant recipients used their awards:
Capacity Building Workshops
This year, the Study Abroad Branch funded 14 workshops to support foreign institutions’ capacity to host U.S. students for research and study in their countries. Click here to learn about these workshops. 
Concluded Workshops
Workshop Summary: On February 19, 2016 Fulbright Austria conducted a workshop for resident directors of American programs and representatives of international office of higher education institutions in Austria.
The purpose of this workshop was to bring together individuals and institutions together responsible for providing study abroad for U.S. citizens in Austria and to discuss the challenges they confront by:
  • Sharing best practices and to improve communication among the resident directors of programs for U.S. citizens in Austria and to encourage them to discuss formally discuss formally establishing an Austrian national organization for resident directors analogous to ones that exist in other European countries; and
  • Looking at the challenges of recruiting more diverse student populations for study abroad and managing them on site.
  • 28 participants including speakers
  • 16 institutions/organizations represented, including the Commission, U.S. Embassy, and Austrian Ministry for European Integration and Foreign Affairs
The goal of the workshop was to promote exchanges between Belgian university colleges and comparable U.S. institutions. The workshop looked at some successful exchanges between U.S. and Belgian institutions, best practices in attracting U.S. students and partnering with U.S. institutions, and explored available resource opportunities within the EU context to help facilitate such partnerships and exchanges. 
Workshop Stats:
  • 39 participants including speakers
  • 27 institutions/organizations represented; no Embassy personnel present
Workshop Summary: The first ever Fulbright Capacity-Building Workshop on Fulbright Services and Attracting U.S. students to Finland was organized in Helsinki on April 6-7, 2016. The objective of the workshop was to help Finnish universities build upon their international programs through the internationalization services of the Fulbright Center and discussion with relevant experts to better reach American students and attract them to study in Finland.
  • 69 participants
  • 29 institutions/organizations represented including the Ministry of Education and Culture and the European Assoc. of International Education; no Embassy personnel present
  • The Commission volunteered to host a roundtable to continue the discussion on how to transfer student loans from the U.S. to Finland.