Building Capacity for Study Abroad

Building Capacity for Study Abroad

Study abroad is a transformative experience that gives participants the skills and knowledge they need to solve global challenges. However, some U.S. colleges and universities are unable to offer diverse study abroad experiences to their students, and some foreign institutions would like to host U.S. students but do not have the capacity to do so.

To help address these two scenarios, the USA Study Abroad Branch awards grants and has developed resources that build the capacity of U.S. institutions to send students abroad, and help foreign institutions better attract and host U.S. students. These projects directly support the USA Study Abroad Branch’s mission of increasing participation and diversity in study abroad among U.S. students.

Domestic Capacity Building Initiatives

Our Domestic Capacity Building Initiative awards grants to U.S. colleges and universities to help them expand access to students underrepresented in study abroad on their campuses, including first-generation college/university students, students of diverse racial or ethnic backgrounds, students with disabilities, and students in underrepresented disciplines in study abroad.

Overseas Capacity Building Initiatives

Our Overseas Capacity Building Initiative awards grants to U.S. embassies and Fulbright Commissions for creative projects that strategically engage or support Americans studying abroad. Proposed projects need to be directly related to increasing and/or diversifying U.S. study abroad opportunities in the host country.

Building Study Abroad Capacity MOOC

Our free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is designed for internationally-minded faculty, staff, and administrators working in US higher education institutions who would like to increase rates of study abroad participation. This course is also for people who aspire to work in international education and would like an orientation to the field.