Sub Saharan Africa east and Southern Landscape

About This Region

Many U.S. students who study abroad for academic credit select Africa as their destination, studying and working in various regions throughout the continent. Several programs exist that fund research and study in all regions of Africa, making the possibility of a hands-on study abroad experience viable.

Historically, U.S. Students have primarily studied in the regions of Southern Africa and East Africa, with growing numbers of students in both regions. U.S. students also studied in the regions of West Africa and Central Africa, bringing the total number of U.S. students in Africa during 2013 to 13,411, a notable increase from the year before. Programs that fund research and study in Africa concurrently support the foreign policy goals of the United States in Africa.

The U.S. Department of State seeks to uphold four main pillars in its policy toward Africa: strengthening democratic institutions, supporting African economic growth and development, advancing peace and security and promoting opportunity and development. Participation in these programs not only provides an opportunity to understand these goals on a deeper level, but also offers an opportunity to be involved in the development and management of these very goals.

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