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Education System Overview

In the 2019-2002 academic year, 1 U.S. student studied abroad for academic credit in Syria.

Academic year: September – June

Major school holidays/breaks:

Ramadan (May 16-June 14, 2018)
Eid Al Fitr (June 15-17, 2018)
EId Al Adha (August 21-24, 2018)

Major Exam Periods: December-January, May-June

Structure of the University System

Years of study required to earn a bachelor's degree: 4 – 6 years

The language of instruction in universities: Arabic in public universities and English/Arabic in private

Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate

Notes/Comments/Special Circumstances: Due to the situation on the ground in Syria, many universities are no longer offering classes. Some are only offering exams. Getting to the university can be very dangerous, and the recent attacks on Aleppo University and Damascus University have deterred many students from continuing to go to university.