All Language Programs

All Language Programs

The U.S. government offers diverse programs that can help U.S. citizens learn foreign languages. Use the filters below to find a federally funded language* program that meets your needs. U. S. education institutions can also apply to host some of these language programs. Learn more about the personal and professional impacts of government-sponsored language programs.

*This list of languages is not intended as an official U.S. government endorsement for any particular language name or spelling, or any particular approach to subdividing a language.

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U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

U.S. K-12 schools interested in starting or expanding a Chinese or Arabic program can apply to host native speaking teachers at their schools to instruct students in their languages for a full academic year. The U.S. Department of State covers all costs for this program.

K-12 student, Higher Education Institution
Arabic, Chinese/Mandarin/Cantonese (varies by program)
Program Location:
United States
Program Length:
Academic year
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